February 2, 2011

The Most Romantic Classical Pieces of Music?

February is such an interesting month--a furry prognosticator either predicts an early spring (as he did today) or condemns us to a long harsh winter, and Valentine's Day means romance is in the air.  We've decided to do a little investigative journalism in keeping with the month's romantic theme.  We want to know what piece of classical music always sets you in a romantic mood.  Is it a special piano concerto? A fine adagio? A piece from a treasured ballet? Or a more eclectic selection?

And who knows, it just might show up in a concert sometime soon, too (though we won't promise).
After a quick glance at several on-line lists of the best romantic compositions, here're a few frequent contenders for the top spot.  Click to give each of them a listen:

This list could go on for days, the choices are so bountiful. But instead, why don't you share your favorite with us? Vote below.
Tell Us Your Romantic Music


Winner will be emailed Thursday February 10, 2011
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